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brandon duff

Hi, I’m Brandon Duff, I help people break the chains of financial slavery

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Hi My Name Is Brandon Duff And I am Digital Tycoon, Money Maestro, Real Estate Investor, and serial entrepreneur. I went from being a personal trainer to investing in Real Estate and now CREATING WEALTH ONLINE from home. After 10 Years In The Fitness Industry and scaling a hobby in fitness to a $125k a year career. I knew I couldn't train all my life, so I noticed that every wealthy person I knew invested in real estate. So the Beginning of 2015, I started to purchase Real Estate properties in the las vegas area and currently own 10 rental properties there, a mixture of single families and 4 plexes. in 2019 My Wife and I decided to move near our family in Texas, So I dropped my $125k A Year Business in Fitness and Decide to Become A Digital Tycoon. My Goal was To Create a Stay At Home Business So That I in the future I can The best Stay At Home Dad in the UNIVERSE. My Current Achievements Include: Creating a 125k A Year Fitness Business and Then Giving It Away To Another Trainer. ( Money Friends) I currently Have Finacial Freedom at the age of 33. I own 10 rental properties in las vegas and my goal is 100 properties. Creating A Profitable Stay At Home Business in Which I make Money while I sleep and can spend time with my family. Growing up, I remember the people who always seemed the most miserable were people who worked behind a desk, working for someone else, and not living life on their own terms instead they had their lives dictated for them. Is that really living? I don't think so, from that day I decided I didn't want to work in a desk job, I wanted to work on my own terms and I have no one else to blame but myself if it didn't go the way I wanted, I was LIVING LIFE ON MY TERMS. Life was about taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens. I can't blame a boss for firing me I can't make an excuse when I didn't have enough money for rent. I can't curse at traffic for taking all my time away. Everything was within my control of creating my own destiny, forging my own path, and creating a life of extraordinary. Follow My Journey as I help others create Financial Domination.

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